Plug 'n' Play

Open the doors to your very own fully-customizable Racebook! Our EasyXSite™ managed 'white label' wagering website is the fastest and easiest way to connect with North American racing. Skin it with your corporate brand and you've got your own online bet shoppe! Plus, we offer preset templates for all website elements and support for multiple languages and currencies.

Key Features

  • EasyXSite works with your existing customer accounting by exchanging the necessary customer information and the balance updates via a wallet based web service. We can interact with all major technology platforms and frameworks.
  • EasyXSite supports all bet types provided by EasyGate™ (Link zu EasyGate).
  • EasyXSite comes with pre-configured languages to display the site in English, German, Spanish, Polish, Turkish and Italian.
  • EasyXSite currently supports Euro, GBP and USD. Additional currencies can easily be configured.
  • Our partners get access to a friendly administration interface where they can monitor data and reports related to their Racebook.

Standard Site Elements

EasyXSite ™ consists of a set of modules, which display all the necessary information related to race data, bet data and user accounts. Key elements include:

  • Race navigation based on tracks and dates
  • Schedule to access past and present raceday information
  • Meeting overview
  • Racecards / Fixtures overview
  • Racecard details with all runner information and race details
  • Wager pad / Bet slip with all bet types, amount selection and runner selection
  • Bet confirmation (Double opt in) page
  • FAQ, Terms and Bet information pages
  • Bet history for each individual punter.

Contact us

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