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Greyhound racing is the fastest form of live wagering in North America, and your customers will love the fast-paced wagering and exciting finishes. Plus, with hundreds of races offered daily, there's always something to bet.

North American Greyhound Tracks

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Races / Year

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Live signals / Video


At XB Net, we make video transmission fast, easy and simple. Live video is available for every track we offer, so your customers can always watch the races. Bandwidth varies and can go up to 1.1 MB, depending on the bandwidth of the receiving location. Individual streams are available in Flash and mobile (H264, rtmp) formats.



Satellite distribution is available in some regions through intelsat 805.

Point to point connection


Signals for your own broadcast production can be picked up at various locations over the world. We provide broadcast quality signals through our leading partners Roberts Communications Network (RCN) and Telecity and their global Content Distribution Networks.

Standard Data for Greyhound Races

The following data is always available to our partners. More data is available upon request.

Racecard /
Fixture Data

  • Race date and time incl. time changes
  • Race name
  • Any restrictions
  • Race type
  • Race comments
  • Track surface
  • Distance
  • Race status

Dog data

  • Name
  • Birthyear
  • Country of birth
  • Owner
  • Trainer
  • Breeder
  • Pedigree
  • Past performances
    (last 5 races)
  • Gender & color
  • Saddle cloth colors
  • Program number, box number and bet number
  • Morning line odds

Pool data

  • Bet type
  • Bet type status (depending on field sizes)
  • Live odds
  • Pool matrix
  • Pool totals (how much money is wagered)
  • Minimum stakes
  • Penny wagering and multiple indicator

Prices data

  • Official results
  • Final position for all bet relevant dogs
  • Prices for each bet type offered in the specific race


We give you access to all of North America's top Greyhound tracks.

Premium tracks

Derby Lane

Opened in 1925, the Derby Lane Greyhound Track is the oldest continuously operating dog racing venue in the United States. It offers matinee and evening performances several times a week.

Palm Beach Kennel Club

The Palm Beach Kennel Club is located in West Palm Beach, Florida offers year-round greyhound racing. With matinee programs every day and evening programs on select days, the ‘racing are always running’ at Palm Beach Kennel Club.

Sanford-Orlando Kennel Club

Located just north of Orlando, Florida, the Sanford-Orlando Kennel Club hosts live greyhound racing throughout the year. It is one of more than 10 dog tracks currently operating in Florida.

Show all 16 tracks
Birmingham Alabama 370 Matinee 4:00 pm/Evening 8:25 pm
Daytona Florida 420 Matinee 1:05 pm/ Evening 07:25
Derby Lane Florida 420 Matinee 12:30 pm/ Evening 7:30 pm
Dubuque Iowa 93 Matinee 2 pm/ Evening 7.30 pm
Flagler Florida 250 Matinee 12:15 am/ Evening 7:00 pm (June-October)
Gulf Greyhound Texas 248 closed
Mardi Gras Florida 200 Matinee 5.00 pm/Evening 7.30 pm (Dec-April)
Naples Florida 420 Matinee 11:45 am / Twilight 2:10 pm/ Evening 6:30 pm
Orange Park Florida 420 Matinee 12:35 pm/Evening 7:45 pm
Palm Beach Florida 470 Matinnee 1:00 pm/ Evening 7:00 pm
Sanford Florida 420 Matinee 1:30 pm/ Evening 7.35 pm
Sarasota Florida 225 not active im EG
Southland Arkansas 420 Matinee 2:00 pm/ Twilight 5:00 pm/Evening 8:30 pm
Tri-State West Virginia 265 Evening 5pm or 7 pm
Tucson Arizona 210 closed
Wheeling West Virgina 370 Matinee 12:30 pm/ Evening 6:30 pm

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