Frequently Asked Questions

When you've been in the game as long as we have, we like to think we know what's on your mind. Here are some of the questions we're asked the most.
Content (Thoroughbred/Harness/Greyhounds)

Q: Is your North American racing available in betting shops in the UK & Ireland?
A: Yes it is available from 17.00 UK time and is part of the Turf TV service ( I think this is fine for now although we may move away from Turf TV it is on the service for now )

Q: I’m a betting operator outside the UK & Ireland. Can I provide your North American racing at my betting facilities?
A: Yes. Once you have a contract in place with us then you have the option of receiving broadcast quality video and video streams in multiple formats. Please note that we will have to preform a technical evaluation to establish performance, delivery and costs.

Q: I’m an operator where Tote betting is the preferred betting option. Do you have a betting interface that I can connect into?
A: Yes we do have our own interface for Tote betting as well as as data provision and video control. Please have a look at our EasyGate section. Please contact us to discuss more.


Q: How can I get data from XB Net?
A: You can receive data via our EasyGate middleware. Data delivery is based on XML. You can use a web service or ftp to receive the data. Please ask to get a full documentation on EasyGate.

Q: Do you also have data for fixed odds?
A: Yes, we have a special formatted racecard including data to create fixed odds. In the moment we setup up to nine main thoroughbred meeting per day with fixed odds.

Q: What are coupled or bracketed runners?
A: Coupled/Bracketed runners are horses owned or trained by the same individual running in the same race. If you bet on coupled runners they always share the same betting number. You can identify the horses in the program based on their program number, eg „1“ and „1A“. Both would run under betting number „1“.

Q: What is a „Morning Line“?
A: A morning line is an early prediction for each entry in a race. The morning line or „ML“ is set by handicappers or automated algorithms to predict the possible way the win pools develop.

EasyGate ™

Q: How long does it take to integrate your races into our website?
A: The typical development time to get a full implementation into your website is six to 9 weeks. This depends on several factors.

Q: Is there any special setup to use EasyGate?
A: No. You can use whatever development framework or technical infrastructure. EasyGate is completely based on XML.

Q: Where can we get examples of the XML structure?
A: Please contact us and we can give you access to our partner area where you can find the EasyGate documentation and XML examples

EasyXSite ™

Q: I don’t have horse racing experience, how can I use your product?
A: EasyXSite is a white label platform/microsite we provide and skin for you. EasyXSite can be connected to all major bookmaking platforms via a wallet interface.

Q: How much does it cost to get EasyXSite
A: This depends on the development effort. If you need no special adjustments everything is covered by a small onetime setup fee and ongoing maintenance fee based on the betting volume.

Q: Where can I see a live demo or integration of EasyXSite.
A: We can do a webcast with you to show you a live demonstration. Already integrated sites are

Video / Live Signals

Q: How is your North American racing video sent from the USA?
A: Our racing is taken at source by our operating partner in the USA and sent worldwide using the latest distribution technology to strategic hubs around the world. We use streaming technologies via CDN (RTMP, Flash, H.264) and IP land based end to end transmission for broadcast signals.

Q: Can I watch your North American racing at home in the UK & Ireland?
A: Yes we are on At The Races SKY channel 415 from 17.00 – 02.00 UK time.

Q: Can I watch your North American racing on my mobile or tablet?
A: We are working with a growing number of Bookmakers to make our North American racing on digital devices – please check with your preferred Bookmaker.

Need More Information?

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