EasyGate is an easy to use XML middleware technology

EasyGate is an easy-to-use XML middleware technology and software architecture which combines several functionalities to provide structured race content, access to different tote technologies and secure video streams to each racetrack.

The main purpose of EasyGate is to reduce the complexity of all data and content elements. EasyGate holds connections to different data and tote systems, though a client can (if he is legally allowed to bet on the different products) use EasyGate technology as a standard gateway to connect to that content and wager on different horse racing products from different countries.

EasyGate satisfies requests from the client-side application. EasyGate provides XB Net’s partners with a pre-programmed functionality, after which our partners are responsible only for the presentation layer.

EasyGate’s key functionalities include:

  • Multiple Tote connectivity
  • Content localization
  • Race programs and real time race updates
  • Live and historic video feeds
  • Handicapping information, editorial news and tips
  • Currency conversion
  • Daily reporting and settlement

Interact with EasyGate through simple XML procedures:

  • Tracklist: The Tracklist provides you with all the available and permitted tracks.
  • Meetings: The Meetings list returns all available meetings for a chosen timeframe. A meeting is a complete raceday on a specific racetrack.
  • Racecard & Single Racecard: A Racecard is the main content for each race. It holds all information such as race description, entries, available bet types, pool information and final results (after a race is official).
  • AV Requests: Request a stream from any of our Racetracks. Every Racetrack has its own stream. Streams are available in different formats (Flash, Windows Media & H.264 for mobile).
  • Bet Insert: Place your bets through this simple procedure. Each bet will be processed, stored and validated by EasyGate.
  • Bet Status: At every stage in the bet acceptance process, you can request the status report of a single bet for audit purposes.